Sialin Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (759919-V). Was incorporated in Malaysia under company act 1965 and started its investment activities in property and housing project development.

One of the flagship projects is the development of a township in Malacca. Sialin's extensive experience as a principal in commercial real estate projects makes it an ideal partner for build-to-suit development.

The properties we develop always reflect the roots of our founding philosophy—take a simple address and transform it into a sought after location. We take underutilized properties and convert them into a vibrant part of the community.  Utilizing our creativity and vision, Sialin elegantly blends the ordinary with the unusual to create unprecedented building structures and designs. We focus on the details of quality and craftsmanship to ensure long-lived value for our clients.

Sialin currently developing several sites in the Johor and Malacca, on which residential facilities could be developed on time. Alternatively, we can work with a tenant on a site of their own choosing.

Sialin develops its projects for long-term ownership within its own real estate portfolio. This greatly influences the decisions made during the construction phase. As a result, the building design, materials and mechanical systems are of higher quality than typical build-to-suit developments. This correlates to lower net operating costs to the user. In addition, flexibility is designed into each project to accommodate future leasing, which benefits the tenant if its requirements change, or in the event a sub-lease is pursued at some future date.